Christmas Greetings from Caleb’s Prayer for Hope. 

We are now in a Season when stress increases. There are those who are stressed and struggling to the point of desperation: worry, financial struggles, disability challenges, relationship issues, loneliness, homelessness, pain, grief, and thoughts of “escaping” through alcohol, drugs (licit and illicit), or even suicide. I just want you to know that you are not alone. Lean on our Savior, Jesus, who was homeless throughout most of his life. The Bible says He did not have a pillow to lay His head on. He was looked down upon, ridiculed, beaten, tortured, betrayed by those who He thought were His closest friends. 

There are also hundreds of thousands of grieving families who have lost a child or other family members to fentanyl analogues. The grief never ends, and the Holidays are a very difficult time. Please pray for these families. An ever-increasing amount of fentanyl analogues and other deadly chemicals continue to come through our Southern Border. It appears that more and more lives will be lost in months, years to come. 

You can help save lives this Holiday Season. Watch for signs of depression and any triggers for those prone to relapse in addiction. Ask questions like, “Are you thinking about suicide?” or “Are you struggling with sobriety?”, then listen. Educate yourself regarding resources in your area to which you can refer those who are struggling for help. You can always refer them to the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline which they can access by calling 988. Just showing someone you care may be the greatest Christmas gift you give. By caring, by giving of your time to listen, you may save a life. This Christmas give Hope.

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